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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Wednesday to remember...

Last Wednesday was a day to remember.

That morning my Mom came into town to watch Walker while Richard and I went for a repeat 4-D ultrasound. The week before at our ultrasound Lucy was being a little stubborn so we weren't able to get very many good pictures of her. Well, that morning she cooperated a little bit more and we got some precious pictures of sweet little girl!

Sweet, sweet baby girl! This ultrasound made me even MORE excited to meet her! Come on February!!

Well, when we left our ultrasound I turned on the radio and heard that there were some bad storms in downtown Auburn and that there was a potential tornado. I was on my way home to see Walker and mom and Richard was going to stop and grab some lunch for all of us. About 3 minutes after I walk into the door mom and I start to hear some terrible sounds and look up to see a CHAIR FLY BY the window! Mom grabbed Walker and ran to the bathroom while I searched for my phone. My immediate thought was "WHERE IS MY HUSBAND." He was getting lunch LITERALLY 1 mile away! I could just invision his car in a ditch somewhere. Not good. I tried to call him over and over and no answer. He finally calls back and says in a cool, calm and collected voice, "Sorry I missed your call." Supposedly, at Tiger Town it was barely raining and did not understand my panic! When I told him our house was HIT BY A TORNADO he seemed to understand my worry a little bit more! Yes. Our home was hit! I am so thankful that the Lord was watching over my husband and my home so that my sweet babies and mother were safe!

Over half of our fence is gone, garage door blown in, a column gone, all of our windows are messed up, trees blown over, siding blown off our house, and a trampoline from 4 houses down in our backyard. It was absolutely crazy. I am SO thankful that everyone was ok and no one was hurt. I am also thankful for homeowner's insurance.

A few pictures from that day:

No fence and the trampoline...notice a panel of our fence in the trees!

Bye, bye new maples!
Our column that is barely standing