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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Journey to Paradise

Richard and I have been planning an "us" getaway since before Walker was born. Once we decided that we wanted to go somewhere where we had to do absoAdd Videolutely NOTHING, we found a wonderful resort in Nassau, Bahama. About 72 hours before we left, if you were to have asked me if I was excited about our trip I might have replied "well, if we are going." Here is how everything went down.


Our flight to Nassau was booked for Wednesday morning, flying out of Montgomery. Since it was early, the plan was to drive to Montgomery on Tuesday with Walker and let him begin to get adjusted to Boo and Papa's house before we left. Well, Monday when I called my Mom she sounded AWFUL! She had developed a TERRIBLE chest cold. She could barely talk, was coughing up a lung and felt pretty terrible. Well, this made me nervous because 1) Walker is 13 months old. While he is a very happy baby, he is also very busy and in to everything!! 2) Mom felt terrible and trying to keep up with Walker would be very, very hard 3) Walker has just gotten over a tummy bug and cold himself and I was nervous that he would get sick while we were away.

Richard and I decided to wait it out before we made any decisions. On Monday, Richard had to drive to Florence, AL for an overnight work trip.


Tuesday rolls around. Mom still sounds sick but is going to the doctor. Richard is still out of town. He calls the resort to see what options we have as far as rescheduling but we quickly realize that we have no other time to go before little Lucy comes along.

I needed to go to Montgomery that day to do some work, so I decided to go ahead and pack up the car and figure out what to do as I drove. Once Walker woke up from his morning nap I grabbed the last few things and put them in the car with Walker and Gatsy. I realized that I had forgotten something on the kitchen table. I decided to leave the car running and dash inside to get it. Well, when I run back outside I see Gatsy wagging her tail in excitement while looking out of the driver door window. I go to open the door and it is LOCKED! Yes, Gatsy had LOCKED the car WITH my SON IN IT....not to mention my cell phone, wallet etc...

PANIC mode set in! What was I to do?!?! Richard was out of town, my phone was in the car, and my neighbors were not home! I began to panic. THANKFULLY, just then, our mail man drove up! I ran up to him and asked/begged to use his cell phone. He looked at me like I was crazy and said "sure." I then told him "MY SON IS LOCKED IN MY CAR" He immediately jumped out of the mail truck and ran over to the car and told me to get a wrench and rag while he started unscrewing the antenna. Thankfully, within 5 minutes he had unlocked the car! Praise the Lord!

I think my problem in this situation was that at this time I was driving Richard's Tahoe. I have run in very quickly a couple of times before when driving my car. In my car, you do not need to put the key in the ignition for it to start, it has a smart button, so whenever I would run inside in the past I would always have my keys with me and the car would still be running. I guess between my pregnancy brain and trying to get out of town I just was not thinking. I'm so thankful for our mailman, that the car was on and that Walker was ok (and I guess I am thankful that Gatsy was ok as well..even though she had gotten overly excited in this whole situation and piddled all over the front two seats of the I was one UNHAPPY camper with my puppy).

So, we finally are on our way to Montgomery. In the meantime Mom goes to the doctor. The doctor says that she has a virus that has been going around and it is very contagious. Great. She gets a shot and some antibiotics, but you know with a virus not too much helps. What do we do?? Thankfully, I have a wonderful sister that lives about 10 minutes away from my parents who offered to keep Walker while mom recovered some! Let me tell you, from the sounds of it Walker was spoiled rotten by my Lyndsey, Russell, Claire, MA as well as my Mom and Dad! Another problem averted! I'm so thankful for wonderful family!


Wednesday morning FINALLY rolls around and Richard and I wake up to a pretty nasty thunderstorm. We don't think too much of it and drive to the airport and check in. As we are waiting I realize we only have about 15 minutes until we are supposed to take off. I ask Richard "is our plane here yet?" No. It was not. We didn't have a very long lay over in ATL and our flight to Nassau was the last one out of ATL that day, so to say the least I start to get tickled from all of these things that have happened over the past several days. At the time our plane was supposed to take off we hear that our plane has not even left ATL yet due to weather. Oh my stars. I really did not think we would ever get to the Bahamas. Luckily we did. Our plane finally came and once we landed we RAN to our gate and made our flight! YAY! We were finally on our way!!! Smooth sailing from here....right?!?!

Wrong! After landing in the Bahamas and getting our luggage we finally hooked up with our transportation to the hotel. As SOON as we walk out of the airport, this clumsy, pregnant lady TRIPS on a curb and falls! It doesn't sound that bad, but let me tell you it HURT! By the time we got to the resort I could barely walk on my foot and by that night I could not put any weight on my foot at all. By this time I was just laughing, despite the fact that I did not sleep a wink that night due to throbbing pain in my foot and being on crutches. Thankfully, we were FINALLY on vacation! No where to be, nothing to do and no 13 month to chase after.


We left Sunday. And our vacation was absolutely PERFECT. We rested and relaxed, slept without a baby monitor, we read, talked with no interruptions, ate some yummy food, visited downtown Nassau and Atlantis, went snorkeling and just loved every minute. It was so wonderful to just be "us" again. For those of you who have children you understand, and for those of you who are about to have kiddos, you will understand soon. Even though "us" time was WONDERFUL by Sunday I was READY to see my sweet baby boy. I was so ready that I begged Richard to rent a car in ATL so we could get back to Montgomery before Walker went to bed. It was so nice to shower my baby with hugs and kisses on Sunday night. I missed that sweet boy!Thanks Mom, Dad, Lyndsey and Russell for taking such good care of my precious baby while we were gone!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

My growing babies

My poor baby has not been feeling well this week. Poor baby Walker had a tummy bug for about a week and seriously THE DAY that started to go away he got a terrible cold! It has been a rough week for my sweet boy! Sick babies are the worst. I feel so helpless. They are so upset but can't communicate to tell you where they hurt or what they are feeling. I really hope my sweet boy is on the mend soon! I miss his sweet smile and laugh!

Since he has been feeling so bad this week, we haven't gotten out to much. Walker did find some fun at the house....the "boom"

Walker LOVES the "boom" (aka the broom) almost as much as mommies "uuummm" (aka Vacuum)

Getting some fresh air:

Little (but definitely growing) sweet Lucy at 19 wks right before I went to teach BodyAttack:
Surprisingly I can still fit into my pants. I have a feeling that is about to change! I can't believe we are on the brink of 5 months! Almost half way!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A day in Montgomery

Yesterday, we spent the day in Montgomery hanging out with my family. We had a WONDERFUL day. First, we took Walker to the Zoo. It was his first time there and boy did he LOVE it! I was very surprised at how much he liked looking at all of the animals! We walked around the Zoo for about an hour then took rode the train. Walker had a great time! After the Zoo it was nap time for baby boy. He was worn out! While he was napping, Mom and I went out and did a little shopping for Walker and started looking for some nursery furniture for Lucy. After Walker's nap time we all headed over to my sister's house for dinner. It was so much fun! The kids played outside and we ate some delicious food. Lucy Katherine even got a surprise! It was such a fun day and we were all ready for bed when we got home! I love having my family close by!

Papa, Walker and Boo
Boo and Walker looking at the Spider Monkeys
Papa and Walker on the train

A rare thing...a picture of me and Richard!

My big boy

Sweet Claire and Walker playing

Annie Boo
Lucy Katherine's surprise! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Inch"...Pink or Blue??

We had our big ultrasound last week and I was so relieved to know that my sweet baby is developing well and is perfectly healthy! I was so nervous all morning and it was such a relief to know that everything is going well. To add to the great news of our baby being healthy, to our surprise we found out that we are having a GIRL!!!! YAY! I was absolutely SHOCKED and thrilled! Here are a few pictures of our sweet little Lucy Katherine Willis :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

17 Weeks and Walker's 1 year Stats

Last week, Walker had his 1 year check up! He was such a big boy and did so well.

Length: 30.5 inches (75%)
Weight: 21 lbs 14 oz (50% weight for length)

Yep, that means he is long and skinny just like his daddy! My sweet baby is getting bigger and bigger by the day. If you say an object outside or around the house he can point them out. His vocabulary has taken off over the past couple of weeks. He is completely off bottles and formula and only drinks milk and water from his sippy cup. He still takes a paci at nap and bed time (well...make that 3 paci's one for his mouth and one for each hand) but does not really care about them during the day. He DESPISES his car seat, stroller, high chair...well pretty much anything that confines him. I feel like this is going to be a big hurdle for us to overcome one day. My baby boy loves to laugh and will laugh at himself and does not like to feel alone. He and Gatsy are even better friends now that he can chase her and they love to play together. Walker is still taking 2 naps a day, but unfortunately, I feel like he is starting to transition to one nap a day. He is a wonderful eater and will eat anything except for lima beans! He even likes my veggie stuff, greek yogurt and he likes boiled OKRA! Big boy!

We have been spending a lot of time outside lately. The weather has cooled off (some) and Walker has LOVED being outdoors!

Sweet boy having fun sticking his face under water while playing with his new water table.

Walker LOVES running with his wagon (and taking the sides off)

Clapping after daddy let him slide

Here is sweet baby Lucy at 17 weeks, 3 days....Lucy has definitely had a growth spurt lately...and has had another one since this picture. As far as how Lucy's home has been feeling (aka ME)...I have had a lot more energy lately, which is a GOOD thing, considering Walker is now RUNNING and I am still working 2 jobs from the house plus teaching group fitness classes. Overall, I have been feeling pretty good. I do get pretty uncomfortable after being on my feet for a while, and unfortunately when I asked the doctor about this he said that it is normal with your second child and will probably just get worse (YAY). But he also said it is not hurting the baby when I am uncomfortable...I can deal with the pain as long as Lucy is safe! Other than that I am still teaching at the gym pretty much everyday of the week (except Sundays) and feeling good while I am teaching. So things are good!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Walker is one

My sweet, precious, angel turned one on Sunday. I just can't believe how fast this past year has gone by. Before you have children people tell you how much life changes once you do. Me, being me, never believed them. I knew life would change, but I did not realize how much a small, little person would change me! On September 4, 2010 I fell in love with a little boy who I never had met before. The moment I held him in my arms I loved him so much I knew that I would give up my life for him. Walker has brought us love, joy, worry, tears, laughter, sleepless nights and so many fun times. He has taught me and Richard about ourselves, our marriage, and our faith more than any other life experience. He is so sweet and good natured. He is great with new people and wonderful with other children. Walker has more energy than any other baby I have seen. He is always busy and into something. He never sits still and loves attention. He does not like to cuddle unless he is exhausted. He hates his carseat and can not sit in his high chair for 10 minutes. He loves to laugh, sing, and he squeals with joy when other people laugh. He loves music and anything that makes noise. He has 3 teeth and is a GREAT eater (he even likes my veggie "chik'n" patties, falafel, broccoli, hummus and blackbean burgers).This past year has been such a wonderful ride and I can not wait to see what this next year has in store for us. Walker mommy and daddy love you very much!

Walker, September 4, 2010, 1st day of life :)

Walker, September 3, 2011, 1 year later!

Baby excited about his party decorations

Boo reading to Claire, MA, and Walker
Sweet Claire giving Walker some sugar :)
The kiddos at the W's party eating lunch
Annie Boo
Sweet cousins: LB, Walker, and Carter
Carter, LB, and Claire
The decorations outside

Balloons and flowers inside :)
Dad, manning the grill :)
Baby boy not too thrilled about his birthday hat
The BEAUTIFUL flowers!

Birthday BOY!
Gran, Grandad and Walker
Richard and Walker
The food!

The cake!
I think Walker has inherited my chocoholic gene :)

So happy!