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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Baby Blog!

Yep! It is true! Richard and I are expecting our second child in February! We found out about a month ago and were thrilled! Walker and lil' bit #2 will be 17.5 months apart. Are we crazy to want 2 children so close? Maybe. Are we excited? YES!!!

The picture above is the picture that we sent to our families to tell them that I was pregnant. Can you see it? :) Right now I am almost 8 weeks and I can ALREADY tell that these pregnancies are going to be so different. With Walker, I felt TERRIBLE from the day after we had our first positive pregnancy test. With this sweet baby it has been more come and go. I am great one moment then the next I feel HORRIBLE. At least I have some moments of feeling not nauseous. I have also been much more tired with this one. Now, don't get me wrong, I was exhausted with Walker. Right now, I feel like I already have pregnancy insomnia and am chasing a 10month old all while trying to keep up with school, studying for comps and getting into the swing of a new say the least, exhausted does not describe how I feel.

With Walker I definitely had food that I liked more or less than I did when I was not pregnant, but did not have a lot of cravings. I am already having some WEIRD food things! I also feel like I already have a "pregnancy pooch." With baby boy, I don't think I really showed until I was almost 6 months along.

We are going next Wednesday for an ultrasound! I can't wait to see this sweet baby!

Monday, July 4, 2011

The past 6 weeks!

Well, I just realized it has been 6 weeks since I have updated! Today, Walker turns 10 months! I can not believe that in 2 short months our sweet baby will be 1 year old!

Since I missed his 9 month appointment here are Walker's 9 month stats:

Height: 29.5 inches (75%)
Weight: 20.4 lbs (50%)

Here are a few things that he is doing right now:

- He waves bye bye
- He has started talking! He can say "ma-ma" "Gah" "na-na-na" (for no no no...ha..while shaking his head) "ba-ba" for bottle and has just learned how to say "papa"
- He took his first steps 3 days ago. He took 4 in a row! He has taken a couple of steps since then but is still pretty wobbly
- He STILL wakes up once at night to eat.
- He is completely off of baby food. He started refusing to eat from a spoon so now he is eating all table food and is a great eater!
-He can now climb up our stairs (SCARES me to death!)
- Baby gives the biggest, sweetest, most slobbery kisses!
- Sweet boy cut his first 2 teeth the weekend that he turned 9 months old. The same weekend he had a nasty virus.
- Walker now fits comfortably into 18month clothes. Big boy!
- Baby is officially a Mama's boy. If I am in one else will do! It is super sweet but very exhausting at the same time.

In other news:

Last weekend baby boy spent his first night in the hospital! Poor baby! Baby boy woke up from his afternoon nap that Thursday with a fever of 103. So, immediately I freaked out! We made it through the night but Walker got up with a fever of 102. We called the doctor right away. After a 2.5 hour doctor visit, a strep test, finger prick, catheter, and a huge shot of antibiotics we left with a prescription for antibiotics, a follow up appointment for Saturday morning and knowing that baby had a UTI. It was a pretty rough day. Saturday morning all of baby's lab work looked about the same. The doctor told us to watch him and if his fever spiked or anything new came up to call him. A few afters after we got home baby boy developed a very bad upset stomach and his fever spiked to 103 again. We called the doctor and he told us that we would need to take Walker to the hospital...mainly to make sure that he did not get dehydrated. We ended up spending 2 nights in the hospital. It was horrible. Thankfully Walker is feeling better. We are going back to the hospital on Friday for Walker to have another test to make sure there is no reflux in his kidneys (which is a common cause for UTI's in baby boys). Walker is so blessed to have 2 sets of wonderful grandparents. Both sets of parents came down to help with with baby while he was so sick.

Baby boy right after he was admitted to the hospital:

A very dazed baby in daddy's lap. Check out his poor had with the IV :(

Look how big he has gotten!

Before church on Sunday

Daddy keeping Walker distracted while I got some work done

Sweet baby loves his graham crackers. Yes. That is what is on his face.

This is how baby spends several evenings a week. Playing in the baby pool with Gatsy.

Gran and Walker (in the PRECIOUS outfit that she MADE for him!)