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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving with my family in Montgomery. It was so much fun! Now that Walker is a little bit older he was really able to play with his cousins Claire and MA. It was so much fun to see how close these 3 are getting!

Papa reading to MA, Walker and Claire.

The cousins

Margaret Ann and Walker are only about a year and a half apart. I really think they are going to be great buddies!
Sweet Baby Boy!

Daddy and Walker. Walker was just sitting on the wall beside Richard. I should have taken this as a hint that he was getting sick! :)

My sister made this for the kids at Thanksgiving lunch! How precious is it??
The food!
On Friday afternoon, my family celebrated Richard's birthday (which was really yesterday). Claire choose the candles for the cake AND helped Richard blow out the candles. I have never seen anyone love parties as much as this girl!

Family pic....look at baby Walker...he looks like he does not feel well at all! This was Friday afternoon and he was already running a fever. After we got back into town we took him to the doctor on Saturday morning and found out that not only did he have his first ear infection he also had hand, foot, and mouth disease! Poor buddy!
In other news, on Thanksgiving day Lucy and I officially entered our THIRD TRIMESTER!!! WOOHOO! Time is flying by!!