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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Walker's first day of "school"

Our little man started "school" today!!

A couple of weeks ago Richard and I decided that it would be a perfect time for Walker to start some sort of nursery school. We called and visited many of the local churches and looked at their programs. We are on the waiting list for our top pick but were able to get Walker into Lakeview. His program is from 8:45-11:45 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. They play outside, have craft time, read a Bible story, sing, and learn colors and shapes. There are 2 teachers and 8 children (7 boys and 1 girl!). They have snack time every day and will even have a little Christmas program in December! We thought this would be a perfect time for Walker to before Lucy arrives early next year.

When I dropped him off this morning he had a minor meltdown (when I leave him in anywhere this is what happens) but as soon as I closed the door to the room and was out of eye sight he stopped crying. When it was time to pick him up I looked in the door and he was playing like a big boy! He saw me and didn't not shed one tear! Usually, when I leave him in any type of childcare setting whether it be at the gym or the nursery at church, he will usually turn on the tears as soon as I get there to pick him up. Not today! He saw me and smiled, went to grab a ball and brought it over to show me. He was so happy and in such a good mood! Now, when we got home he was exhausted and had to have me touching him at all times (he would not eat lunch unless he was sitting on my lap) but for his first day I thought it went great!

First day of school is a great excuse to buy a cute backpack....right?!? :)

My little man before school!
In other news, I am 24 weeks (AKA SIX MONTHS) today! I have my LAST appointment in my 2nd trimester on Monday! I am thrilled! I am ready for this sweet little girl to get here!


Becky W said...

What a big boy!!! So glad he did well!