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Monday, September 5, 2011

Walker is one

My sweet, precious, angel turned one on Sunday. I just can't believe how fast this past year has gone by. Before you have children people tell you how much life changes once you do. Me, being me, never believed them. I knew life would change, but I did not realize how much a small, little person would change me! On September 4, 2010 I fell in love with a little boy who I never had met before. The moment I held him in my arms I loved him so much I knew that I would give up my life for him. Walker has brought us love, joy, worry, tears, laughter, sleepless nights and so many fun times. He has taught me and Richard about ourselves, our marriage, and our faith more than any other life experience. He is so sweet and good natured. He is great with new people and wonderful with other children. Walker has more energy than any other baby I have seen. He is always busy and into something. He never sits still and loves attention. He does not like to cuddle unless he is exhausted. He hates his carseat and can not sit in his high chair for 10 minutes. He loves to laugh, sing, and he squeals with joy when other people laugh. He loves music and anything that makes noise. He has 3 teeth and is a GREAT eater (he even likes my veggie "chik'n" patties, falafel, broccoli, hummus and blackbean burgers).This past year has been such a wonderful ride and I can not wait to see what this next year has in store for us. Walker mommy and daddy love you very much!

Walker, September 4, 2010, 1st day of life :)

Walker, September 3, 2011, 1 year later!

Baby excited about his party decorations

Boo reading to Claire, MA, and Walker
Sweet Claire giving Walker some sugar :)
The kiddos at the W's party eating lunch
Annie Boo
Sweet cousins: LB, Walker, and Carter
Carter, LB, and Claire
The decorations outside

Balloons and flowers inside :)
Dad, manning the grill :)
Baby boy not too thrilled about his birthday hat
The BEAUTIFUL flowers!

Birthday BOY!
Gran, Grandad and Walker
Richard and Walker
The food!

The cake!
I think Walker has inherited my chocoholic gene :)

So happy!