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Monday, September 12, 2011

17 Weeks and Walker's 1 year Stats

Last week, Walker had his 1 year check up! He was such a big boy and did so well.

Length: 30.5 inches (75%)
Weight: 21 lbs 14 oz (50% weight for length)

Yep, that means he is long and skinny just like his daddy! My sweet baby is getting bigger and bigger by the day. If you say an object outside or around the house he can point them out. His vocabulary has taken off over the past couple of weeks. He is completely off bottles and formula and only drinks milk and water from his sippy cup. He still takes a paci at nap and bed time (well...make that 3 paci's one for his mouth and one for each hand) but does not really care about them during the day. He DESPISES his car seat, stroller, high chair...well pretty much anything that confines him. I feel like this is going to be a big hurdle for us to overcome one day. My baby boy loves to laugh and will laugh at himself and does not like to feel alone. He and Gatsy are even better friends now that he can chase her and they love to play together. Walker is still taking 2 naps a day, but unfortunately, I feel like he is starting to transition to one nap a day. He is a wonderful eater and will eat anything except for lima beans! He even likes my veggie stuff, greek yogurt and he likes boiled OKRA! Big boy!

We have been spending a lot of time outside lately. The weather has cooled off (some) and Walker has LOVED being outdoors!

Sweet boy having fun sticking his face under water while playing with his new water table.

Walker LOVES running with his wagon (and taking the sides off)

Clapping after daddy let him slide

Here is sweet baby Lucy at 17 weeks, 3 days....Lucy has definitely had a growth spurt lately...and has had another one since this picture. As far as how Lucy's home has been feeling (aka ME)...I have had a lot more energy lately, which is a GOOD thing, considering Walker is now RUNNING and I am still working 2 jobs from the house plus teaching group fitness classes. Overall, I have been feeling pretty good. I do get pretty uncomfortable after being on my feet for a while, and unfortunately when I asked the doctor about this he said that it is normal with your second child and will probably just get worse (YAY). But he also said it is not hurting the baby when I am uncomfortable...I can deal with the pain as long as Lucy is safe! Other than that I am still teaching at the gym pretty much everyday of the week (except Sundays) and feeling good while I am teaching. So things are good!