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Monday, February 13, 2012

Lucy's first two weeks!

Little Lucy turned two weeks yesterday! These past two weeks have been wonderful and challenging, exciting and frustrating, so perfect and so hard, so normal and so new. It has been a time of learning and adjustment for all of us.

Lucy is just an angel. We have only had a couple of sleepless nights since she arrived. She is typically a wonderful sleeper and is rarely fussy. She LOVES to be held and cuddled (which makes this momma HAPPY because her brother IS NOT like that AT ALL). She is an awesome nurser and is so laid back. She typically eats every 2-2.5 hours during the day and 3-4 hours at night. The past few nights she has made at least two 4 hour stretches in between feedings. She sleeps a lot during the day but when she is awake she is very alert and has the biggest eyes you have ever seen. Lucy totally stole our hearts from the moment we first held her. I am looking forward to seeing what her little personality will be like!

Walker has been doing great! The first week was hard for all of us. I think Walker was just confused as to what was going on. I must say though, from the moment we brought Lucy home he has LOVED her. Now, the first thing he asks for when he wakes up is "babee? babee?" and is NOT content until he gets to see her. Having the baby in the house has not been the hard part for my sweet boy. He has had a very hard time with mommy having to split her attention....but he is only 17 months old and he just doesn't understand right now so the meltdowns have been frequent....but each day gets a little bit better and he adjusts a little more...

Yesterday was my first day at home with both babies. I was very nervous. If you know Walker at all you know that he is....let's say....very spunky. He definitely has a personality of his own and is too smart for his own good! He is also very busy and likes to be on the go. He gets stir crazy if we are in the house too long (very much like his momma) and is a HUGE creature of habit and routine (partly because I am obsessive about routines) and does not do well when our routine is broken. He is also a MOMMA'S boy! He does NOT like my attention to be on anything other than sweet boy's personality coupled with a newborn who wants to nurse every 2 hours made me very, very, very nervous about having them both alone...especially since we can't get out and go anywhere because Lucy is so young! Well, our first day went much better than expected. I think Walker really liked having a lot of attention from me. It was quite exhausting but it was ok. I think in a few days we will all be in our new routine and things will calm down a bit. Even though some of the adjustment has been tough, I am so thankful for my two beautiful, healthy, unique children and am SO in love with our family of four!

Sweet boy tucking Lucy in

Sharing his "night-night"

Giving her sugar

Walker-man wanted to hold Lucy before bed

Daddy and Walker before school

SCARED face!!

My babies :)
Being so sweet.....

He could just eat her up :)