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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An update on my BABIES :)

Yes, it has been over a month (again) since I have updated. I keep promising myself that I am going to get better about updating my blog, but let's be honest, life is busy and I have pregnancy brain so I forget :)

A lot has happened in the past 5 weeks!

Walker is now WALKING! He took his first steps 2 days before he turned 10 months old. Now, he is walking all over the place. I have enjoyed him being able to walk. A lot of people told me that he was going to be so much harder to keep up with once he started walking but, honestly, he was such a fast crawler that it is about the same. Now, I can put him down in "dirty" places and he can get some energy out without touching the floor! Other than the increase in bumps and bruises I have really enjoyed baby boy meeting this milestone!

We have FINALLY gotten our sweet, sweet child to sleep through the night (PRAISE BE)! He now will fall asleep at about 7:00 and sleep until 7:00 in the morning! YAY!

Walker now says several words "ma-ma" "da-da" "hot" "ba-ba" every now and then "pa-pa" he also tries to say "light" "gatsy" and "thank you" but if you heard it, you would not be able to recognize what he is saying. He also knows the meaning of many words. He will point to the light, fan, chair, table, book, ball, dog, door, car, gatsy, and ALL of our family members.

Our sweet boy can also "sing." When you ask him to sing he will go "AHHHHHHHHH." He LOVES music. He is going to be very musical like his father. He will sing along to songs on the radio and move his hand to the beat. Smart boy!

Our precious child turns 1 in just a few weeks. I CAN NOT BELIEVE it! This year has flown by. That sweet boy has made such a special addition to our family and mine and Richard's marriage so much stronger. I thank the Lord every day for such a healthy, happy, sweet, child.

Baby 2 (aka "INCH") Update.

Tomorrow I will be 14 weeks!! Yes, I am ALREADY out of my first trimester! I feel like this pregnancy has been flying by! Probably because I am not only crazy busy, but crazy busy and trying to keep up with an 11 month old!

I am FINALLY feeling better! YAY! I have felt so different with this pregnancy. The morning sickness was much more come and go. I either feel great or terrible, no in between. Also, I have not been as emotional as I was with Walker but have already definitely had the urge to nest (which makes me think we are having a girl) :).

At my last doctors appointment inch's heartbeat was 168. Walker's heartbeat was never that fast. The doctor said my labs look perfect and everything is going great! We go back on September 9th to have an ultrasound and find out if it is a boy or girl! I am excited to find out, but I will be even more excited once I know that everything is developing properly with this sweet baby!

And, just in case anyone was wondering, I am still teaching classes at the gym and have actually felt great while working out! This makes me happy because with Walker I had some problems with my feet and had to stop doing impact at 5 months. Hopefully, that won't be a problem this go around! :)

Baby boy STILL loves water (wonder who he gets that from? :) ) He will stick his face under water or under the faucet! Scares me to death! He has only choked on water once or twice and ALWAYS comes up smiling. Let's just say we don't turn our head for a second when he is around water :)

My great friend, Stephanie, came up to spend a couple of weeks with us at the end of July. Let's just say that now Walker and Stephanie are new best friends!
Baby has discovered the joys of unrolling toilet paper....
and of pouring water all over mommy's hardwood floors :)
So proud of himself...
A quick picture before daddy had to go to work.
Sweet cousins: Laura Beth, Carter, and Walker


The Mundies said...

Love the blog updates!!! I can not believe Walker is walking! He is getting so big! So glad you are feeling better and I can't wait to see y'all next weekend!!

Becky W said...

LOVE it!!! I esp. love the picture of his face as he is pouring the water everywhere!!!!! Can't wait to see you! Glad you are feeling better! Love you all!