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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

8 months old!

My sweet, sweet baby turned 8 months old today! I just can not believe how fast time is FLYING by! He is growing so well and has an amazing personality! Here are a few things that he is doing:

~Baby boy is crawling EVERYWHERE! He is still army crawling but he is FAST. He can crawl on his hands and knees and does it every now and then but mainly stays with his army crawl.

~He eats baby food very well.....maybe I should say...he eats baby food really well if he is not distracted...

~Baby gets distracted VERY easily. When we are feeding him Gatsy has to be out of the room, blinds closed, noises off, if someone is in the room they have to be standing by you...sweet boy just does not want to miss a thing!

~Baby is taking two-2 hour naps a day. He still only makes it about 6 hours a night. Every now and then he will make it more. I think that he is still hungry in the middle of night because he is SO active during the day.

~Walker DOES NOT stop moving. Ever. Maybe it is because he was bounced around in my belly for 9 months? Seriously, dressing him is a challenge. It took me 10 minutes just to put a pair of shorts on him because he would not stop kicking his legs. And forget about rocking him or cuddling with him. He will squirm and squirm. I do love how active he is!

~This week he has started doing some "tricks." If I say "Walker, say 'NO'" he will shake his head "no"...and he smiles and smiles while doing it. So funny! Also, most of the time, if I say "say 'bye, bye'" he will wave his hand. This is hit or miss. But still for an 8 month old...not to shabby :)

~He has started to give me sugar! There is nothing like a slobbery kiss from my baby!

~Walker is turning into a MAMA's BOY! If he can not see or touch me he is not so happy. As long as I am beside him he is a pretty happy baby.

~He is eating puffs and yogurt melts like a champ! I have given him some table food (steamed carrots, baked sweet potatoes, peas...) but he doesn't have any we are just being careful and waiting!

~Baby boy is PULLING UP all over the place! I think that he is going to take after his mama and daddy as well as all of his cousins and be an early walker. I'm getting my running shoes ready!