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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh What A Week!

Oh what a week! It has been such a fun week with Walker! I feel like his little eyes have just been opened to the world around him! To me, he has been very alert for a long time, but this week has just been another huge turning point! Here are a few things Walker has "discovered" this week:

~ He has finally rolled from his back to his tummy. Now he can roll both ways....AND LOVES IT! I mean he rolled on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday he was just rolling in a line down the floor. Other times he just rolls back and forth from his back to his tummy for the fun of it! It is really funny because he just laughs and smiles as he is rolling!

~ Walker has also discovered the joy of the water. He has never minded baths before but this past week he has started splashing his feet and playing in the water! I wonder if he is going to love the water as much as his mommy did?

~ Walker has recently become intrigued with Gatsy. He will look at her, and lunge towards her. She has been SO, SO good with him! He will pat her...and sometimes grab her hair and she just licks and licks and licks! They are so cute together!

~ Walker has found his THUMB!! OH NO! The boy has always loved his chewing on his hands way more than sucking on a paci, but once I saw him sucking on his thumb, you better believe I started sticking that paci in his mouth!

~ Baby boy has started to eat so well! He has tried oatmeal, rice, bananas, chicken, peas, sweet potatoes and squash. His favorite meal: breakfast...oatmeal and banana!

~ The boy LOVES attention. Sunday night at our share group he was EXHAUSTED. He had not napped ALL day and he had NOT slept well the night before. What did he do for 2 hours during share group (which by the way started at his normal bedtime)? He smiled and laughed the whole time! As soon as we got in the car he PASSED OUT and slept from 8:00 to 3:00AM. The boy loves to be around people.

~ Walker has also learned how to tripod! Yep! He can sit up (while supporting himself with his arm) for several seconds! Such a big boy! Oh, and for the record, baby boy can now wear size 9 month clothes!

As far as Richard and I go...we are doing well! Just trying to keep up! Richard is teaching a class at the University this semester with 65 students! He is also gearing up to travel. A. Lot. At least once a month he will be jetting off all over the country. I started my 2 grad classes last week. Between baby boy, school, work and teaching at the gym I have had some very busy days!

Some pictures from our week...

Daddy and Baby

Baby Walker LOVING playing with Aunt Emily!

Lunch date with Daddy.

Baby rolled to his tummy to look at his book!

YUM dinner time!

Baby loving bath time with daddy!


Becky Welch said...

HE IS SO BIG!!!! I can't get enough of him! I so wish we were closer!