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Friday, April 4, 2008


Since my sister tagged me...I guess it is my turn to fill out 100 facts about myself. I don't really know how this works, but I guess I am supposed to tag 3 people. Since I don't have very many blogger friends :(...I guess I will tag Becky (my future sis in law!), Richard (to give him something to do while he is stuck in bed) and Russell! :) Okay so here we go:

1. I grew up in Montgomery AL
2. I am graduating from Auburn on May 10!!
3. It has taken me 6 years to finish my undergrad :(
4. I met the love of my life in February 2007
5. I was a Richard groupie/ stalker (I was at every class he taught)… before he even knew

who I was
6. We officially started dating on April 5.2007
7. On March 1, 2008 I said YES!!
8. On November 22, 2008 I will say I DO!!
9. I cannot remember life before Richard!
10. I do not want to think about life without Richard!
11. Richard has taught me the meaning of unconditional love.
12. He is my best friend
13. I like PINK
14. I love chocolate…
15. And peanut butter…..
16. And…when you put them together…YUM!
17. I like nutrition
18. I cannot go for more than a day without working out
19. I teach group fitness
20. I swam for 14 years of my life….
21. Now I hate getting wet!
22. I am ADDICTED to food network
23. Throw down with Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, Iron Chef America….cant get enough
24. I am emotional
25. I cry easily…
26. Especially at sappy movies
27. I get frazzeled…
28. Very easily
29. I do NOT like Arizona
30. I am cold most of the time.
31. I would rather go to the mountains than the beach
32. I am a germ-a-phobe….
33. I get stressed when I lose my germ-ex
34. I am a horrible speller
35. I do not really like watching sports (like football, basketball, etc…)
36. BUT I am trying b/c my future in-laws are HUGE fans
37. Richards 6 yr old neice and 4 year old nephew know more about sports than me! (They can probably tell you every Braves player and their numbers without thinking twice about it!)
38. I am starting to really like baseball
39. I am competitive…
40. Very competitive…
41. To much for my own good at times…
42. I think I get this from my dad!
43. I don’t like getting dirty
44. But I love to get sweaty when I workout
45. I tend to feed people when I care about them….
46. Or when I feel bad…
47. Or when I want to make them feel better…
48. I think I get this from my mom!
49. I used to pride myself in not liking ‘unhealthy ‘ foods….
50. Unfortunately…..i am starting to like them
51. I am deathly afraid of roaches, snakes, spiders and clowns
52. I know maybe 10 words of French…
53. And insist on randomly using those 10 words.
54. I do not like mess
55. I pretend like I know how to cook
56. I do NOT….DO NOT like EBV…aka Epstein Barr Virus…aka MONO…aka the virus that is keeping my fiancée sick!
57. I like Disney movies
58. House is my favorite TV show
59. I am starting a dietetic internship in the fall (HOPEFULLY!).....
60. Location: TBA
61. Those 3 months without Richard will be the longest of my life
62. I want to be a Physicians Assistant…
63. But…I do NOT want to be in school for 3 more years
64. I am going to be married to a DR!! :)
65. You can call me Mrs. Dr. Willis! :)
66. My future hubbie will be able to build cool things and he will be able to play with asphalt
67. I am getting a dog
68. I am naming her Zoey
69. I have a tendency to be overly dramatic
70. I love coffee…
71. And diet coke…
72. And diet cherry limeades
73. And diet dr. pepper….
74. I like getting flowers
75. My grandmother gets mad at me because my toes are never painted
76. Even though I love pedicures
77. I like being surprised
78. Richard is good at surprising me
79. I have a hard time keeping fun secrets….which makes it incredibly hard to surprise Richard
80. I have trouble sitting still….which is hard when my fiancée has MONO
81. I have a hard time saying no
82. I like being outside…
83. Only when it is not too hot…
84. Or too cold…
85. And when there are no bugs!
86. Spring and fall are my favorites
87. Richard makes fun of me because I call all scents (like soap, candles..etc) flavors
88. I am a firm believer in retail therapy
89. I love my family
90. I have one PRECIOUS niece Clarie Collins McCrory
91. I wish I liked to read for fun…
92. I only like to read cookbooks and wedding magazines
93. My wedding cake is going to be CHOCOLATE!
94. My only real jobs have been in a gym…
95. Which is a good thing …..because that is where I met my future hubbie! :
96. I am a compulsive list maker
97. I am very very very indecisive at times
98. I have a small tendency to be bossy
99. I like MAC make up
100. I do not function past 9:30 at night…even though I can rarely sleep the whole night thru…and I can not function in the morning without my coffee


McCrory Family said...

Good job sister!! I laughed out loud with #65 and #75 is so true!! :) What, you don't like Arizona?!?! I thought that would be a top contendor for a honeymoon spot...!!! :) LOVE YOU!! Russell is mad you tagged him but I'm going to make him do his #100 anyway!! :)

Becky Welch said...

Great job!! I will do my best to get my 100 list out soon. It was fun to learn new things about my sister in law to be!!! Can't wait dear!!!

The Gentrys said...

Amy! I am so excited I just stumbled on your blog! It's such a great way to keep in touch...I'm trying to talk everyone I know into starting a blog. Congrats on the engagement!